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Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator

Welcome to the Randomized Prompt Generator for Stable Diffusion! Our prompts cover a range of genres and writing styles, so whether you're a fiction writer, poet, or non-fiction writer, you're sure to find a prompt that sparks your imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Give our Free Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator a try and fuel your creativity today!


How it works

We have collected the public data from (opens in a new tab) for the Top 100 keywords for Stable Diffusion prompts and classified them into four categories:

  • Highly Detailed and Intricate. For example,
      'highly detailed',
      'sharp focus',
      'digital painting',
  • Lighting and Atmosphere. Such as:
        'cinematic lighting',
        'dramatic lighting',
  • Artist Style. e.g.
        'by dustin nguyen',
        'akihiko yoshida',
        'greg tocchini',
        'greg rutkowski',
        'cliff chiang',
  • Image Specifications:
        '4k resolution',
        'Rendered by octane',

And we randomize the result by creating a Node.js component to mix the given input with these top keywords.

To-do: Plug into OpenAI API to use ChatGPT to streamline the result interactively. Right now, the input is pretty much irrelevant.


Read more about Stable Diffusion prompts generation:

Got suggestions?

If you have any suggestions, please drop them at our Discord (opens in a new tab).