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Latest articles on LLM, AGI, Open Source, Infrastructure, and more.

Top 20 ChatGPT Plugins You Can't Miss Out

Explore the world of ChatGPT plugins with OpenAI. Web browsing, personalized AI experience, real-time data on stocks, crypto, and more are just a few clicks away.

ChatGPT-4 vs Google Bard: An Exhaustive Comparative Analysis

An in-depth examination of ChatGPT-4 and Google Bard, focusing on their unique features, applications, and adaptability to shed light on their performance in diverse conversational AI scenarios.

Complete ChatGPT Tutorial: Unleashing the Power of AI Communication

Master ChatGPT, OpenAI's groundbreaking conversational AI tool, in this comprehensive tutorial. We cover setup, use, interface navigation, and advanced features.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Techniques, Tips, and Applications

We will dive deeper into the latest prompt engineering techniques for ChatGPT, covering topics such as its applications, limitations, papers, and additional reading materials.

ClickHouse Visualization: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to unleash the power of ClickHouse visualization with popular tools like Redash and Metabase, as well as the innovative AI-powered Open Source Data Visualization Tool named RATH.

Customer-Hosted Looker: Benefits, Installation and Open Source Alternatives

Learn all about the benefits of customer-hosted Looker, how to set it up, and compare it to an Open Source alternative for data analytics. Get insights that will drive your business forward.

Data Analysis and Visualization in Python for Economists

An extensive guide on how to perform data analysis and create visualizations in Python specifically aimed at Economists.

Future is Now: Use Generative AI for Data Analytics

Discover how Generative AI revolutionizes data analytics, making it more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly through natural language queries, AI-generated visuals, and unified data teams.

Elixir Explorer: Rust-powered Data Wrangling

Discover Livebook's latest integration with Explorer, transforming Elixir into a powerful data exploration platform with interactive dataframes and more.

Databricks Dolly 2.0: the New Open Source ChatGPT-like Model

Databricks' Dolly 2.0 is a groundbreaking open, instruction-following LLM that can change the game in natural language instruction processing. Learn about its benefits and limitations.