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Latest articles on LLM, AGI, Open Source, Infrastructure, and more.

I Watched Apple WWDC 2023 So You Do Not Have To

Here's the scoop on everything that unfolded at Apple's WWDC23 event, from the stunning Apple AR Device Vision Pro coming at $3499, to the New Macbook Air, and the iOS17 update, and much more!

How to Escape the ChatGPT Watermark

Discover the process behind the ChatGPT watermark, why it's significant, and how one might escape it. A detailed, SEO-optimized guide for AI content users.

Outsmarting AI: How to Bypass ChatGPT Detection with GPT Zero

Discover advanced strategies and tools for bypassing GPT Zero and ChatGPT detection, enabling the creation of natural, human-like text undetectable by AI algorithms.

ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompts: How to Unchain ChatGPT

Explore the world of ChatGPT jailbreak prompts and discover how to unlock its full potential. Learn about effective techniques, risks, and future implications.

What is a ChatGPT Killswitch Enginer and Why OpenAI is Hiring one

Discover the vital role a kill switch plays in the success of OpenAI's ChatGPT, ensuring safe and responsible AI usage.

ChatGPT Parameters Explained: A Deep Dive into the World of NLP

A comprehensive guide to understanding ChatGPT parameters, offering insights into the workings of NLP's trailblazer, GPT-4.

In-Depth Comparison: GPT-4 vs GPT-3.5

Unpacking the distinctions between OpenAI's GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, focusing on their capabilities, enhancements, and utility.

Google Bard Jailbreak: Unveiling The Hidden Possibilities

Explore the unique ways to bypass limitations of Google Bard for enhanced, uncensored conversation. Discover Google Bard jailbreak methods, how they work and their implications.

How to Execute Raw SQL in SQLAlchemy

Explore the power and potential of executing raw SQL queries in SQLAlchemy, a popular Python SQL toolkit.

Top 10 Best Open Source Projects on GitHub 2023

This article lists the top 10 fastest growing open source GitHub repositories that you should know.