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How to Automate Instagram Growth with InstaPy Python Library

How to Automate Instagram Growth with InstaPy Python Library

Ever dreamt of skyrocketing your Instagram followers and likes without draining your energy? Say hello to Python and InstaPy, your new best friends in automating Instagram activities, like boosting your follower count and engagement. By the end of this guide, you'll be able to build a custom Instagram bot, all by yourself. Fasten your seatbelts as we're about to dive into the world of Instagram automation!

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Breaking Down InstaPy: Your Key to Instagram Automation

InstaPy, powered by Python, is a tool that automates Instagram activities, enabling you to interact with a wider audience, increase followers, and bolster your engagement on Instagram. The use of such Instagram bots, albeit a subject of discussion, can offer significant benefits if used ethically and within the boundaries of Instagram terms of use.

Understanding how to properly use these bots and setting the right criteria is pivotal in making sure you're targeting the right audience. InstaPy provides various features that let you personalize your bot to align with your specific needs and the interests of your target audience.

How Does Instagram Automation Work with InstaPy?

Instagram automation with InstaPy works in a simple, streamlined manner. Utilizing the power of Python and Selenium for browser automation, it mimics human behavior on Instagram. The Page Object Pattern is an essential part of this process, serving as an abstraction layer to separate operations from underlying page structure changes. This allows the bot to browse through pages, like posts, follow users, and interact with your content.

Here's a simple example of how to use Python for Instagram automation using InstaPy:

from instapy import InstaPy
# Create an instance of InstaPy
session = InstaPy(username='YOUR_USERNAME', password='YOUR_PASSWORD')
# Start the session
# Set the actions
session.like_by_tags(['python', 'coding'], amount=100)
session.follow_by_list(['tech_guru', 'code_master'])
# End the session

This code logs into Instagram, likes 100 posts with the tags 'python' and 'coding', and follows the users 'tech_guru' and 'code_master'.

Boosting Instagram Engagement and Followers with InstaPy

Boosting Instagram engagement is at the core of InstaPy's functionality. By automating Instagram activities such as liking, commenting, and following, you expose your account to a larger audience. This increased visibility can, in turn, lead to a surge in the number of your followers.

An effective method is interacting with posts related to specific hashtags or followers of particular accounts. For instance, if you're a business selling women's clothing on Instagram, you might want to interact with users who follow fashion influencers or posts tagged with #WomensFashion.

from instapy import InstaPy
session = InstaPy(username='YOUR_USERNAME', password='YOUR_PASSWORD')
# Interact with followers of fashion influencers
session.interact_user_followers(['fashion_influencer_1', 'fashion_influencer_2'], amount=100, randomize=True)
# Interact with posts tagged with #WomensFashion
session.like_by_tags(['WomensFashion', 'OOTD'], amount=100)

This tactic, when employed correctly, can significantly boost your Instagram engagement and follower count, making InstaPy a valuable tool for Instagram bot best practices.

Instagram Automation: Legal or Not?

A commonly asked question is the legality of using Instagram bots. As long as you're respecting Instagram's terms of use, you're good to go. But remember, Instagram prioritizes genuine engagement. So, while InstaPy can help you grow your Instagram presence, ensure you're also interacting with your audience personally to foster meaningful relationships.

Criteria for Automating Instagram Activities: Getting it Right

It's not just about automating Instagram activities, but doing it right. With InstaPy, you can set specific criteria for your Instagram bot, ensuring you target the right audience and maximize engagement. This could include targeting followers of specific users, posts with particular hashtags, or even posts located in certain geographical areas.

Here's an example of how to set criteria for your Instagram bot using Python and InstaPy:

from instapy import InstaPy
session = InstaPy(username='YOUR_USERNAME', password='YOUR_PASSWORD')
# Set up criteria
session.set_do_follow(True, percentage=50)
session.set_do_like(True, percentage=70)
session.set_comments(["Nice post!", "Love this!"])
# Interact by location
session.like_by_locations(['Los Angeles', 'San Francisco'], amount=50)

This code allows your bot to follow 50% of the profiles it interacts with and like 70% of the posts. It also comments "Nice post!" or "Love this!" on posts, and ignores posts containing '#nofilter'. Furthermore, it targets posts from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Remember, your criteria should reflect your Instagram goals. A clear understanding of your target audience will enable you to set criteria that yield the best results.

The Final Say: Making the Most of Instagram Automation with InstaPy

Harnessing Python and InstaPy to automate Instagram activities is an effective strategy for boosting your Instagram engagement. With the right approach and by adhering to Instagram bot best practices, you can significantly enhance your Instagram presence and keep growing your followers, likes, and overall reach. However, keep in mind that Instagram values genuine engagement. Use InstaPy as a tool to aid you in your Instagram journey, not as a replacement for actual human interaction.


  1. What is InstaPy and how does it work? InstaPy is a Python library that enables you to automate a variety of Instagram activities, such as liking posts, following users, and commenting. It operates by mimicking human behavior on Instagram, helping to increase your followers and engagement.

  2. Is it legal to use Instagram bots like InstaPy? Yes, it is legal to use Instagram bots like InstaPy as long as you adhere to Instagram's terms of use. However, Instagram values genuine user interaction, so it's important to combine the use of automation tools with real engagement.

  3. How can I use InstaPy to target the right audience? InstaPy allows you to set specific criteria for your Instagram bot, helping to ensure you target the right audience. This can include interacting with followers of certain users, posts with specific hashtags, or posts located in specific geographical areas.